Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nth First Blog Entry.

Hi, I'm Chris. This blog site right here is my attempt to post really non-nonsensical things in the world wide web. I have this other Blogger site but you wouldn't wanna go there, unless you wish to waste your time reading tragic event and misfortunes of yours truly. 

So, what are you to expect from me, you ask? Expect my opinions (a lot of 'em) about anything and everything under the sun. I guess this is my no-holds-blog. But then again, as I've said in the above paragraph, I won't be wasting my time, and yours, of course, with my feelings rants.

I've three entries to start-up this blog so y'all better watch out for my first three articles/reviews here. I shall start posting them tomorrow, as soon as I finish ALL my homework. So there. I guess this is my nth first blog entry here.

Here's to y'all enjoying whatever it is that I'll be posting! 

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