Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movie Review: The Roommate

After quite some time, I finally had the chance to see a movie on the big screen again. Saw The Roomate earlier in SM City Calamba with some friends. 

I'm gonna try my best to voice out my opinions regarding the movie without spilling any spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet.

I seriously thought Leighton Meester would be the protagonist on this film. I was really surprised when the story began to unfold and she was revealed to be the antagonist of the story. Leighton did very well! She delivered her role effectively. She was an effective enthusiastic, obsessed, and borderline-creepy roommate. All that while still looking hot. Bias. Ha ha! Minka Kelly, who played as Leighton's "lucky" roommate, was believable as well. The supporting cast did okay, too. 

The plot of the story is a good one, I tell you. It's simple, and can really happen in real life. That's the scary part, I guess. Ha ha. The cinematography was commendable as well. Creepy scenes were made extremely creepy, and the lighter scenes were not neglected at all, in the cinema art department. One pet peeve I have is that Leighton's character, Rebecca, was underdeveloped, I think. Even after the entire film, her character didn't have enough "description". No story of her past whatsoever, and how come she acted the way she did. I was expecting that they'd reveal her past by the end of the movie, but they didn't. Up until the end, her character was still enveloped in mystery. Anyway, that's the only thing I didn't quite like about the movie.

Overall, The Roommate is a good film. The story and the actors really did great. Leighton and Minka's sexiness is just a bonus! Ha ha!

FINAL RATING: 4 out of 5

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