Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whut Up.

I got several entries pending for this blog site. Four, to be exact.  All texts are done, since I jotted them down on my iPod Touch, aka my notepad, already. What hinders me from posting the said entries is the sole fact that I've been too busy to edit/post-process photos to put up in my blog. I'm finishing up my SP AND manuscript for BIO 190 (Late, I know! Thanks to my adviser for her awesome consideration and patience.) whilst running errands and other house duties. I promise I'd update this site ASAP. Like, this week ASAP.

Posts to look forward to:

1. Mini review of "Everyday Kabab House" in LB Square
2. UP Entrepreneurs' Club's Sem Ender (EC GOOSE TWO EK)
3. UP Entrepreneurs' Club's SUKI (Livelihood Outreach Program for 2nd Sem AY 2010-2011) in Putho, Tuntungin
4. RJ's High School Graduation

I'ma hit Lightroom as soon as I have time on my hands. Or as soon as I get bored and tired from doing SP stuff. So, I guess I'll see y'all then.

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