Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adidas All 24.

Just this last weekend, May 14-15, 2011, Adidas held the Philippine leg for their series of All 24 events. The event started at 10:00PM on the 14th and ended at 10:00PM on the 15th. Yup, solid 24 hours of activities livened up Eastwood Mall's activity area. There were booths with a lot of freebies (food, drinks, drinks, drinks) and competitions were pretty much on going the whole 24 hours. There's the graffiti contest, basketball and shoot-out competitions, skateboarding competitions and the street dance and bboy competition. 

Since the street dance competition fell on the second day, I met up with Sab and Abie in SM Megamall Sunday after lunch before heading out to Eastwood Mall. We were having troubles with regards to acquiring tickets for the event but I guess we were meant to be there. Instant passes by instant passing! Ha ha! 

(L-R) Cacay, Sab, Abie, Tys, Jaspher, Kuya Noel

It's been what, like 5 years since I had cotton candy. Ha ha!

Jaspher, Tys and Char (from Tha Project)

With Monique, Aimes and Ren from UP Manila's Indayog Dance Varsity. 

THE CREW with Erik Javier and Louie Canaria reppin' UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co.

The whole time that we were there was nothing short of exciting and fun. Twas a mini festival which seriously catered to the kind of people that we are. Ha ha. Fun-loving, thrill-seeking, laging uhaw dancing people. Ha ha.

Oh, and the street dance competition? Out of this world! Imagine almost all of the great dancers in the metro were there! It felt like Skechers Finals but with the college and high school division combined! Congratulations to Tha Project (3rd place), Claret Hataw (2nd place) and Unschooled (1st place)! Also, shout out to im*puLSe and UP Manila's Indayog Dance Varsity! Both your pieces rocked, too! Of course The Crew deserves a shout out, too. Man, them boys killed it! And I mean murder! Check The Crew's performance below!

Killers. Ha ha. The gang managed to get some shots at this booth before we decided to call it a day/night. The others stayed in Cacay's house while Sab and I went further South. Ha ha. Overall, the event was def big! Here's to hoping that they'll have it again next year! 

Hello, gang.

(L-R) Tys, Jaspher, Louie,Erik Abie, Sab and Cacay

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  1. Yiii. Definitely enjoyed this day. Sana marami pang ganto. :)