Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Update 2.

The past weeks have been right-on awesome. I've been busying myself with a lot of stuff, having fun included, of course. Been doing a lot of stuff for the Youth Ministry as well. Tiring, but it's all good, though!

With regards to this blog, I have two entries which hopefully will be posted today, one is our trip to the home for the aged where our used-to-be nanny is staying, and the other is about my recent impacted tooth extraction. Oh, and if y'all notice, I've already set-up ads from Google's AdSense service and also from Nuffnang. I hope they work since I'm seriously considering going commercial with this blog. I guess the frustrated writer in me finally found its way of talking to the world. I also signed up for some sites that feature other blogs to increase traffic here in my blog. 

Aight, I gots to start on those two aforementioned entries. See y'all later.

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