Tuesday, August 9, 2011

w VS. i

I'm seriously thinking of getting an MP3 player so as to avoid me lugging around my iPhone whenever I run or workout. Initially, I wanted to get one of those armbands for my iPhone but a good friend suggested otherwise. I've searched for ultra-portable players and I narrowed my choices down to two.

Both look great and perform well based on the numerous reviews all over the www. Both are under 3,000php and both promise more than ten hours of battery life. I guess the only factor that might affect my purchase is the availability of the units. Whichever is available on the day of the damage, I guess. Ha ha.

Wait. I think I'm leaning towards the Apple iPod Shuffle. Just because it's from Apple. Yes, you can judge me now. Lol.

But hey, if you've got something to say or some other suggestions, hit me up, alright? Thanks!


  1. mas bagay for running yung features ng Sony Walkman.. =D

  2. Thanks, guys. iPod pa rin. KIDDING! Or not. Ha ha. Can't decide. Ha ha!