Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Late Lunch.

To say that my family likes pizza is an understatement. Italian food fare is a very common choice whenever we dine outside our house. I'm a big Shakey's fan, RJ likes Greenwhich more than the others, and my mum and the others love Pizza Hut. She's a fan, really, so finding a box or two of Pizza Hut in our house as merienda is very typical. Since it's also the nearest to our house, Pizza Hut, over the years, has become our go-to place whenever our aunt gets a tad bit lazy to cook. 

After spending a gruesome and sweaty afternoon in the cemetery, we decided to grab some late lunch in Pizza Hut, located in Olivarez Plaza, Los Baños, Laguna. 

Yes, you read that right!

For those who still do not know about the Palm Card, it's this amazing card you get in Pizza Hut stores and whenever you present it, you'll get a free pizza for every pizza that you pay for, provided that you buy any Pepsi product along with your purchase. Originally, only to-go customers and those who've availed of the delivery service are the ones who can avail of this promo, but in the spirit of Christmas, Pizza Hut now allows customers to use it when dining in! This is actually perfect for groups and for celebrations! 

Like I said, my family frequents Pizza Hut so we kinda have this "set meal" whenever we eat there. Here's what we usually get. 

Cream of Mushroom Soup with Puff Pastry (PhP 69.00)

Combo Platter | Garlic Bread, Fries and Chicken Tenders (PhP 179.00)

6-piece New Orleans Chicken Wings (PhP 209.00)

Regular Hawaiian Pan Pizza

The Hawaiian Pan Pizza was free of charge since we originally ordered one of the store's new variant of pizza. We brought this home 'cause we were already feeling full because of the other food we ordered. Ha ha! And now, for the piece de resistance, Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza. 

Medium Supremo Tuscani Pizza (PhP 349.00)

Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza variants boast of a thinner-than-usual-Pizza Hut-crust filled with flavor, topped with generous amounts of premium toppings. We got the Supremo variant, which is kinda like the Super Supreme of their Tuscani line, and I can honestly say that this just rocketed to my top pizza flavors. It was well-balanced and the thin, crispy-on-the-side-soggy-in-the-center crust does magic! Oh, and look at the amount of toppings! I hope they put this on their regular menu!

All four of us (Mum, Mama, Tita Cora and me) were able to finish all except the Hawaiian Pizza. Went home with happy tummies! 

How about y'all? What did you guys have for today's meals? 

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