Monday, November 7, 2011

Gelleesh's Give-away Will Make A Blogger's Dream Come True!

I think it's safe to say that every blogger has three dreams with regards to their blog. First is to have amazing blog traffic and a massive amount of readers, second is to make a difference by influencing or inspiring others through their work, and the third is to have their own domain name for their blog site. 

Fortunately, several web hosting companies offer affordable rates to date. Even more fortunate for us is that Gelleesh of So Gelleesh is giving away a ONE YEAR STARTING PLAN from Solid Hosting Philippines! Yes, you read that right! One year! Ain't that grand? You get to have your own domain name AND you can get it free for a whole year! All thanks to Gelleesh and Solid Hosting Philippines!

I'm sure all of you are itching to send in your entries, so click here to visit So Gelleesh and enter the contest! Y'all have until December 7, 2011 to send in your entries!

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