Friday, November 18, 2011

Starbucks Coffee's 2012 Planner

After two weeks of constantly being sleepy from chugging in caffeinated products (Yes, caffeine makes me sleepy.), I finally have a Starbucks 2012 Planner. It's available in five designs and I got the one in Spruce since many are eye-ing the ones in lighter shades. 

Starbucks' 2012 Planners come with a sac pouch.

Starbucks' 2012 Planner in Spruce, pouch, a bookmark, and ton of coupons.

It has a "storage leaf" at the back and an elastic strap to hold the entire planner.

Planner season's til January 8, 2012 so y'all have plenty of time to collect stickers for your planner! Now, let's see if I can acquire another planner. Ha ha!

P.S: I still haven't written anything on my planner because I feel that my penmanship ain't planner-worthy. Ha ha! 

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