Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday In Town.

Met up with Yron, Sab, Mino, Abie and Michiko yesterday in Alabang Town Center to watch Segunda Mano and catch up with stories as if we don't flood Twitter every night. Ha ha. The movie was good! Go see it! You have about more than a week to catch all the films under the Metro Manila Film Festival, so go ahead and watch a couple or all of 'em. Ha ha!

The ever-generous Sab treated us lunch in Shakey's while waiting for Michiko and for the screening time. It's always nice to get tickets in advanced (online or just go there early) so as to avoid the hassle of long lines come screening time. We went to Timezone right after watching the movie and spent a good hour (or more) hoarding two videoke booths and we also played in the arcade. Parang mga batang nakawala na naman kami. Ha ha! 

Photodump coming right up!

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It's always nice to let loose and just have fun once in a while! Thanks, guys! See you all again soon!

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