Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vans Waffle Sole iPhone 4/4S Case

Aaand I'm back! I got caught up with tons of things these past few days months, thus the hiatus. Summer 2012 ain't that good, too, since I haven't had time to go away from the hometown because of summer class, service for BLD Youth Ministry's YLSS, getting fit and this other thing which I can't really talk about here, or anywhere, for that matter. Ha ha! Anyway, let me make it up to you by posting about this recent purchase I made.

Called up Vans Off The Wall's store in ATC to reserve me a piece since these cases are selling like waffles, I mean pancakes! Got the chance to drop by the store earlier and I've been using it since this afternoon. The case is made of Van's new flexible rubber and is a replica of their famous Waffle Sole series. It added a bit of thickness to the iPhone but it's something that you'd get used to easily. 

I'm really digging the look and feel of my iPhone right now! If you wanna cop a case (or two), drop by any Vans Off The Wall concept stores right away since these cases are only available for a limited time only. Priced at PhP 1,198.00, the Vans Waffle Sole case is definitely one of the best-looking iPhone cases in the under PhP 1,500.00 category. 

Be sure to check out Vans Off The Wall's Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for more updates!


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  2. where did you buy it? are you selling it?

  3. Explore and inquire about the material it's made of. It must meet certain criteria; like it should be able to shield your phone in case it fall, should be waterproof and it should have opening in all the places where your iPhone 4 has ports.