Sunday, July 22, 2012

Exit: Chris Belison on The X Factor Philippines (ABS-CBN)

Pulled a Mac Arthur during my exit interview for The X Factor Philippines and I got bombarded with tweets, wall posts and messages about it. I guess it's about time I write about the amazing time I had during my TXF journey. Photo dump coming right up! Pardon the not-so-good quality of some of 'em.

First screening. December 8, 2011 in SM City San Pablo Activity Center.  Quede up at 7:00AM, got to sing at 1:00PM.

Performed "Breakeven" by The Script for the first screening aka the pre-audition. Watch/listen to my studio version of the song here.

Got called back for the Producers' Auditon on April 20, 2012 and I performed "Look At Me Now" and "One and Only". Click on the links to watch/listen to the studio versions of the songs.

Blessed to be called back again for the LIVE AUDITION in front of the celebrity judges (Sir Martin Nievera, Sir Gary Valenciano, Ma'am Pilita Corales and Charice) which was held in PAGCOR Grand Theatre last May 31, 2012.

Registration jitters. Ha ha!

Live audition pieces. British pop and a lil soul/RnB. Watch/listen to my studio versions of "Glad You Came" and "I'm Going Down".


Was able to perform after more than 12 hours of waiting.

Performed "Glad You Came" by The Wanted and I can honestly say that that was one of the fun 2 minutes of my life! :)

Received very good feedback from the audience and most importantly from the judges. 4 YESes and it's all because of God and the talent He lent me! :) I, along with 171 acts from all over the Philippines went straight to BOOT CAMP!

Checked in at Remington Hotel for BOOT CAMP.

BOOT CAMP stage! 

Some of the talented boys I was with during BOOT CAMP.

Our category (Boys under the age 25) was assigned to perform the Basil Valdez classic "Tuwing Umuulan" a capella. Received a "Great job!" from Sir Martin Nievera for this one :)

Unfortunately, I was one of the 106 acts which got sent home the first day. Of course, I was devastated at first but the amount of things I've learned, the friends I've gained, and just the ultimate blessing of being one of the TOP 35 BOYS or one of the 172 ACTS OUT OF THE 20,000 who auditioned made me feel happy again. The announcement that I was eliminated broke me, but once I got my thoughts back in place, I began rebuilding myself and I'm now in the process of working even harder just to achieve what I want. It's like I finally know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Those few minutes I've spent on that stage, in front of the camera, in front of thousands of people, in front of the 4 judges, were just "previews" of what I could be doing if I work hard enough and if I'll be given the right break/opportunities. 

I know this entry's quite long already but I'd like to take this chance to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me with my The X Factor Philippines adventure! Thank you all especially for your prayers! Special thanks to my family, especially my MUM, for letting me do this. For sacrificing money and time for the screenings and for the live auditions. To all my friends and organizations (BLD Youth Ministry, UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co., UP Entrepreneurs' Club, UP ECOSS) in UPLB, thank you all for your unwavering support! Wouldn't have done this without all the things I've learned from the times I've spent with y'all. 

Last but definitely not the least, I'd like to thank the Lord God, Almighty for this wonderful experience. For the talents and skills you've lent me. For making my family change their minds about this thing. For always guiding me. For always being my inspiration. For always keeping my hopes up but still keeping my feet on the ground. For Your never ending affirmations. Most especially, thank You for Your love. Lord, I'm not really the best servant or follower and yet You still bless me with these amazing things. For that, I'm really grateful. I love You, Lord. And I'm always praying that in everything that I do, may YOU always be GLORIFIED.

My TXF journey might have ended already, but this is just the start of my journey towards the realization and actual fulfillment of my dream. You'll see me around :)

"Basta, babalik ako. Babalik ako."

CHRIS BELISON's exit interview for The X Factor Philippines.

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