Monday, March 14, 2011

Because I Won't Be Seeing Them Tonight.

I'm still bummed that I won't be seeing them tonight. Far East Movement's Free Wired album has been playing in my phone and my iPod since I got a copy of it, and there ain't one song that I don't like! They're that good! That's coming from a person who doesn't usually listen to club songs. I mean, I do, one or two tracks, but never an entire album. Ha ha. I like them so much, I endured watching an entire episode of Party Pilipinas yesterday, since it was announced that they'd be gracing its stage. Because there wasn't a definite time as to what time they'd perform, I sat through the whole episode. And they performed last. Damn it. Ha ha. It was worth it, though. Here's Far East Movement's pumped up performance in Party Pilipinas.

They performed "Girls On The Dance Floor" and my ultimate top FEM track, "If I Was you". With that type of performance, I bet the party crowd tonight in Republiq would be jumpin' til dawn! 

Here's  my second favorite FEM track,"Rocketeer", with the LA Dreamer Short Film video. This version's audio is different with that of the studio album version; this one's more laid back, I guess. They do have an official music video for "Rocketeer" which has the studio version of the song, but I'm leaning towards this version since I get to experience a lil bit of raw LA in this one. See, I have this dream of one day setting foot in LA and experience it, not just be a tourist or something. There's something about its culture that entices me. Maybe it's the freedom and liberation, the style, or the mere fact that LA is one of the places in the whole Earth where your dreams can actually happen.

So, there. I guess I have to make do of playing their songs the whole day so as to try to suffice my want to see them live. Literally, poor me. Ha ha! Anybody reading this going to Republiq tonight?

Styles and HD Entertainment Proudly Brings You



Presented by Smart

In cooperation with VANS "Off The Wall" and MOSSIMO MUSIC

For those who're interested, you still might want to try and get in for tonight's show.

For tables and reservations email, or call 09175508888.

Ticket / Table Prices:
  • Platinum / Gold - PhP 35,000 for 15 pax - consumable of 2 Abs 750ml with mixers
  • Silver - PhP 25,000 for 12 pax - consumable of 2 Abs 750ml with mixers
  • Bronze - PhP 20,000 for 10 pax consumable of 2 Abs 750ml with mixers
  • Front row cocktail - PhP 22,000 for 7 pax consumable of 1 Abs 750ml with mixers
  • Marble and Fly - PhP 15,000 for 5 pax consumable of 1 Abs 750ml with mixers

Do check out Far East Movement on Facebook, Twitter, and do drop by their official web site.

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