Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Banyuhay: Katutubong Sayaw Sa Makabagong Pananaw.

After like three or four years of not being able to go to their shows, I finally got to see the UPLB Filipiniana Dance Troupe in concert again. 

When I first got wind that they'd be staging a concert again, I immediately told myself to try and watch it. I became more motivated to watch when our professor in P.I 100 told us that we'd be given bonus points if we watch AND make a reaction paper for Banyuhay: Katutubong Sayaw Sa Makabagong Pananaw

Rouvel, Zelle, Yron, Matt, Geoff, Mary and I got balcony tickets for the 4:00PM show (March 14, 2011) and we waited a tad bit before the show actually started. Since it was staged in Baker Memorial Hall, UPLB, I thought they'd be using the stage, but upon entering the Hall, a "stage" was set up in the middle of the basketball court. It was a circular mound of sand/soil, and the audience who got the premium tickets were to sit around the "stage". Our professor gave us dibs that there'd be some audience participation in some parts, so that was something to look forward to, although admittedly, we got balcony tickets for we didn't want to participate in anything. Ha ha! 

The show started 40 minutes late but when it did, they really captured the audience, albeit especially those who were seated around the stage. They performed traditional dances from all over the country and man, they did great. Sure, there were some dancers whose forms weren't that clean but hey, I know dancing traditional dances is not a walk in the park. Like hip-hop, you have to really know its roots, its fundamentals, before you can even make a simple move. Among the dances that they performed, the one I enjoyed the most is the one wherein the two lead dancers, one female and one male, were placed atop two bamboo stalks and there they did their thing.

Pardon the photo. Used my iPod.

The parts where the "audience" get to participate were fun to watch, actually, the whole show was entertaining, and I did not, even for a second, did not get bored. That, coming from a hip-hop dancer, I think means a lot. 

The show gave me, personally, a break from all the hyped up hip-hop beats and moves that I've been exposed to. It made me realize how rich our dance community is. Not just the hip-hop dance community, but the Filipino dance community as a whole which includes these traditional dances. It also made me love dancing, hip-hop especially, more. I realized a lot of things during the show but I wouldn't wanna bore you out with those things. Ha ha.

Congratulations to the UPLB Filipiniana Dance Troupe for successful runs of the show! Til next time!

Now, on to that reaction paper.


  1. Woah. You know what, i was smiling the entire time i was reading your blog. Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagtangkilik ninyo sa Banyuhay at sa UPLB Filipiniana Dance Troupe! Nakakataba po ng puso nang sobra sobra. We also enjoyed having you guys as our audience. Sayang hindi kayo nag-premium ticket. Hahahaha. we hope to see you in our succeeding concerts! Kudos!

  2. I wish we got the premium, too! Next time ulit! God bless y'all!

  3. wow! nakaka-touch.:)
    thank you for watching, kuya Chris. :)
    GO SJ and FIL! sister companies! haha!:D

  4. Yeah! Go, dance varsities! Ha ha! Iuupload ko siguro this weekend yung isang performance na magkasama ang SJ at Fil. Sobrang nagenjoy kami dun!

  5. I watched it! HAHAHA may kopya rin si ate hazel :D
    parang masaya mag-collab ulet. haha.

  6. Oo nga eh. Ha ha! Sana magkaroon ulit ng chance!