Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Right after we watched the UPLB Filipiniana Dance Troupe's concert entitled Banyuhay: Katutubong Sayaw Sa Makabagong Pananaw, we all decided to kill some time in SM City Calamba. Main agenda is to find sunglasses/shades since summer's just around the corner.  Geoff, Yron, Rouvel, Marvin and I braved the Monday-going-home-traffic and arrived in Sm City Calamba at around 7:00PM. We immediately scoured through the racks of sunglasses in the department store and other shops in SMC. After about an hour, we finally decided to get some dinner first before we continue searching for the much-needed shades. Ha ha.

We don't know the guy in violet.

Aling Lucing's Sisig. NOTE: We don't know the guy in the violet shirt.

Sisig with Lechon Kawali

Sisig with Lechon Kawali (77php)

Sisig with Liempo

Sisig with Grilled Liempo (77php)

We went for Aling Lucing's Sisig and got their combo meals. Their sisig, I think, has greatly lost its quality since the last time the best bud and I ate there. I'm not in the mood to do a review tonight, though, since I'm just having a break from all the reviewing I'm doing tonight. One little review though, you know those Takuyaki balls that are so "popular" right now? Well, I finally got to taste one.

I don't get why people like this.

Takuyaki (27php)

And man, I hate it. I'm never gonna go near one ever again. Ha ha. It's just plain, err, weird. Ha ha. That's just me, though. Moving on. We went back to the department store so tat the best bud could purchase this one shades that he spotted earlier while the others fooled around. Ha ha. I then decided to treat the guys to some coffee and to Starbucks Coffee we went. We spent a good hour or so there and made fool of ourselves. 


TFG Yron

TFG Chris

TFG Rouvel

TFG Geoff


I told you we made fools of ourselves. Ha ha. We came up with this challenge involving those photos above but I doubt we'd be doing it anytime soon. I'll update y'all if ever we push through with it. We finally called it a night at around 9:45PM and before we went our separate ways, we took one last photo depicting one of the popular games to date. Can you guess what game we are portraying?

Plants VS Zombies


Fun night, all in all. Oh and if you're wondering what's TFG, it's actually a "name" for "our group". It means "Teethy Feed Guys". Why? Amin na lang 'yun. Ha ha! Til next time, TFG!

For the full photo set, see my TFG in SMC photo album in my Facebook page.

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