Sunday, April 10, 2011

Consider Eating Everyday In Everyday Kabab Food House.

Again, I apologize for delayed post/s. Redemption starts with this one!

Everyday Kabab Food House

Went back to the apartment Sunday night (of last week) since I was gettin' a bit bored at home and since I was supposed to be working on my SP starting 7:00am the following day. Got invited by Raiza and Jacky to "hang" and "hang" we did. We originally wanted to go to "The Coconut House" but it was already closed when we got there. Twas around 11:00pm that time. We wandered of to LB Square area and after ten minutes of decision making, we finally settled in "Everyday Kabab Food House". The main motive for going there is the Shisha (Hookah, for Egyptians), but since it was my first time there, I decided to get somethin' to eat. I saw chicken in their menu and boom!

Everyday Kabab Food House is located near the center of LB Square, LB. It is evidently Persian-inspired, from the menu to the motif, and it exudes a calming environment despite the smoke that their grill emits.

Cooling Fan

Too hot to handle. Cooling fan to "cool" the charcoal. Whut up.

Anyway, since I was the only one who wanted to eat, I ordered the Chicken Budget Plate from the menu's "Student Meals" section (or something like that). From the description on the menu, the budget plate had chicken kebab, rice, grilled vegetables, and dipping sauce. When my order came, everything was there but I was a lil disappointed that the "grilled vegetables" came in the form of a half tomato. Ha ha.

Chcken Budget Plate

Chicken Budget Plate (59php)

After getting over the tomato part, I dived into my plate. The chicken was moist and yet burnt in all the right places. It was very well-seasoned and its aroma is just too good to be true. The rice was ordinary long-grain rice but what made it special is the yogurt-like sauce drizzled over it. My order came with a side of yogurt and some spice (I'm guessing it's a mix of cumin and paprika?). Dipping the chicken into the sauce took the experience to another level. The flavors worked perfectly together! At the end of the meal, which had a life span of about 6 minutes, I guess, I concurred that this grilled chicken is one of the best ones I've tasted, so far. The budget plate is a good steal, really!

I should ask my pals to eat there next week, to taste more items from their menu. The prices seem okay and the Chicken Budget Plane sure made a good impression. I shall keep y'all updated about Everyday Kabab Food House!

With Jacky and Raiza

Everyday Kabab Food House is located in LB Square, Los Baños, Laguna.

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