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EC Goose Two EK.

4 April 2011
Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Enchanted Kingdom

This was actually the first time I saw some of the members of the UP Entrepreneurs' Club run around like crazy kids in a theme park. Oh, wait, we were in a theme park that day! Ha ha. After immense planning (cyber meetings in Facebook, exchange of text messages), the much-awaited sem-ender materialized. Sure, we were delayed by over an hour, but it all turned out great!


Whut up, UPEC!

Pauline and I prepared a game to kick-start our day in Enchanted Kingdom. We divided the members who attended into three groups (including ourselves) and gave each group a list containing fifty (50) things that they need to find and take a photo of. In short, we played Photo Scavenger Hunt! We even had a "cheering competition" before the actual game! It was fun seeing all the members as game and as bibo like that! The game lasted for forty five (45) minutes and man, was it awesome seeing all the members, yes, even our sisses, run around and be athletic and competitive! Ha ha! Good times!

Blue Team

Blue Team's photo in a "tunnel"

We had around three (3) hours to enjoy the theme park and man, I guess it's safe to say that we really did! One of the most memorable event then was when Michael and I got first blood of the ravaging waters of the Rio Grande Rapids as we were the ones who got totally wet. As in. We all managed to enjoy the other rides without feeling too uncomfortable (or not) in our wet suits. Ha ha. I had a marathon of Anchors Away with Zelle, too! Yeah, with the Eulean face! Whut up!





For someone who goes to Enchanted Kingdom almost every year, I can say that this particular visit is the best by far! Buti na lang walang KJ sa'tin, UPEC. Ha ha!

Whut Up

We bid goodbye to EK around 8:00PM and headed to Paseo de Sta. Rosa to meet up with Alf Labadan. We decided to eat in The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH), although we originally wanted to eat somewhere else. Kanin Club declined to accommodate us since we were around 26 and they did not have enough space for us. No big, though. Ha ha. Dinner was awesome, as usual, thanks to the company and not to the food. Michael, Eulean and I weren't really satisfied with our orders, but we were hungry so we finished our plates anyway. 


UPEC residents with ALF LABADAN, yo!

Since the van was only rented up until 10:00PM, we decided to call it a night when the clock hit the said time. Some of us, actually. Ha ha. Some members stayed in Paseo while the others, myself included, went home. The van ride home was def fun! The Script marathon with the brods and random jokes and stuff. Parang walang kapaguran!

All in all, the sem-ender went really well! Actually, any day with the UP Entrepreneurs' Club can't go wrong! Whut up!

Oh, if you're wonderin' about the title of this post, it was taken from the teaser I made for the sem-ender.

EC Goes To EK

EC Goes To EK = EC Gooese Two EK. Word play, whut up!

Enchanted Kingdom is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna
For information regarding park schedules, rates, and others, click here.

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