Sunday, April 10, 2011

UP Entrepreneurs' Club's SUKI for 2nd Sem AY 2010-2011.

The UP Entrepreneurs' Club held another SUKI last April 6, 2011 in Putho, Tuntungin, Los Baños, Laguna. The newest members, from batch Tutom, were tasked to spear-head the project and we were fortunate enough to be graced by Dr. Eduardo P. Paningbatan with his presence as our speaker that day. Dr. Eduardo P. Paningbatan Jr. is a soil expert and actually was my professor/lecturer in SOIL 1 two semesters ago. 

SUKI 047

When it was brought up that we're targeting micro-gardening as the topic or theme of the livelihood project, I immediately suggested Sir EPP since he is the pioneer of a very successful and easy-to-do plant propagaton technique aptly named EPP Solutions, or more commonly known as Super Paso in the Metro Manila area. This type of gardening is sort of a hybrid of hydrophonics and aerophonics, although with the use of easily accessible materials like empty 1.5 liter - bottles of Coca-Cola. Sir EPP gladly discussed his Super Paso technique and encouraged the attendees of the seminar to try it out, for personal (food for family) or for business (production of EPP bottles, selling of vegetable crops grown in Super Pasos) purposes. 

SUKI 038

SUKI 042

SUKI 084

At the end of the seminar, everyone in the audience was excited and very eager to try the micro-gardening technique. With the help of batch Tutom's FRA prior to SUKI, we were able to purchase 20 starter kits of Dr. Paningbatan's EPP Solutions (Super Paso) for the 20 participants! We do hope that the women from Putho, Tuntungin enjoy planting and maybe someday see the big picture and the window of opportunity that the EPP Solutions has in store for them.

SUKI 117

The UP Entrepreneurs' Club would like to thank Dr. Eduardo P. Paningbatan Jr. for his time, the Baranggay Captain and Councilor of Baranggay Putho, Tuntungin, and to those who attended the livelihood seminar. God speed!

SUKI 121

SUKI 127

P.S: Congratulations, TUTOM!

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  1. Hi brod, Karlo Santos ito of Batch Sagip. Thanks for sharing this article to the public. I am looking for a better microgardening modality for my own use and as a livelihood option for folks with no farm land to till in Leyte.