Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Timog Greens & Grill.

Finally, finally had the chance to visit this relatively new dining place here in LB. You wouldn't miss Timog Greens & Grill if you'd use the national road since it's literally located along the road. With a mini-skyscraper for its sign and a very appealing bamboo enclosure, people surely wouldn't miss this promising eat-chill-drink spot.


Since we visited on a Sunday, I wasn't surprised that there'd be a few customers only. I think only four groups of people were there on that day, ours included. Upon entry, customers would be greeted by about twenty nipa huts or bahay kubos. Several tables and chairs were also set up in the main dining area of the place, situated in front of a small stage where acoustic bands perform on a nightly basis. 


There were several bonsais in the area. Big bonsais. Ha ha.


The stage.


L-R: Kuya Joseph, Mommy, Tita Baby and RJ

Timog Greens & Grill got early merits for the ambiance and for the super fast free WiFi. Oh, and for the complimentary roasted peanuts, too! Ha ha. Their menu was that of a typical Filipino seafood and grill restaurant but I can say that the ones we ordered all tasted really well.


Tenderloin Steak (250php)


Ampalaya Con Carne (120php)


Pork BBQ (3 pcs for 90php)


Tanigue Steak (250php)


Sizzling Sisig with Egg (150php)


Buffalo Wings (150php)

All dishes tasted fresh and were very well seasoned. All tasted great but the Tanigue Steak won our hearts because it was really tender and the flavor is really exceptional. The Tenderloin Steak, to our surprise, was cooked medium rare. It was good, too, and the thin layer of raw meat added another dimension to the char-burnt, gravy-drowned cut of beef. The third dish that deserves a sentence or two here in this entry is their Buffalo Wings. I know you'll say that I'm biased since I love chicken, but Timog Greens & Grill's take on Buffalo Wings is definitely one of the best I've tasted here in Laguna. Crispy and yet tender chicken wings drenched in Buffalo sauce. For. The. Win. It was so good I didn't mind if they didn't serve it with Blue Cheese dressing. 

From the photos above, you'd see that the items on their menu are meant for sharing, which somehow explains the sort of steep prices of the dishes. But, you can take my word for it that every peso you'd spend in Timog Greens & Grill will be worth it. I wouldn't mind eating here once a week! Even my mum says so! It's that good!

PROS: Ambiance is good. Free WiFi. Good AND fast service. Awesome food. Value for your money.
CONS: Not much to choose from from the menu. Can be hot/warm, especially during lunch time since it's summer.

FINAL RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Timog Greens & Grill is located in Brgy. Timugan, National Road, Los Baños, Laguna.
For reservations, catering services, and other inquiries, please call 576-6310.

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