Sunday, September 25, 2011

App Post: Blogger

I've had the Blogger app for iPhone for about two weeks now but this is actually the first time that I tinkered with it. It's actually a little nifty app for blogs/write-ups on the go.

I'll take a screen shot of this particular entry as I'm typing this so as to see if attaching images takes no fuss.

Screen cap done. Attaching...

It took merely 5 seconds for the image to be attached, but I think that's because of the image's small file size. I just don't know if I can move the image to a specific part in the entry. Oh well, let's see once I publish this one.

So, apparently, I can't change the position of the image using this app. It's all good though.

Also, I hate that it doesn't have the function to change text alignment. Being the type of person who wants all his paragraphs "justified", it sucks that I have to use a notebook and access this particular entry just so I could fix text alignment.

Despite my qualms, I won't be erasing this app just yet. Let's see if updates will fix some of "my" problems.

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