Monday, September 26, 2011

Movie Review: Friends With Benefits | No Strings Attached (Over The Top Friendly Movies)

I don't know how I managed to squeeze in two movies despite my seemingly hectic schedule. I've been staying up late these past couple of weeks to get things done and I might've developed a not-so-healthy sleeping habit; that is, sleeping at around 3:00am and waking up by 7:00am. My body clock sure is a wreck right now. So, anyway, I went to bed early last night, only to be reminded that my body's not used to sleeping that early (I'm talkin' about 11:00pm early). Since I wasn't feeling a tad bit sleepy yet, I decided to fish out a couple of movies from my external hard drive to put me to sleep.

I've heard and read several reviews about Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached and admittedly, I was intrigued by how "similar" they seem to be.

I popped in Friends With Benefits first since Mila Kunis deserves to be first. Always. Ha ha. Justin Timberlake's speaking voice is kinda irritating but Mila Kunis' eyes are just wow. The movie's quite good, actually. I was laughing most of the time since the comic parts were delivered well. Plus points for decent one-liners. Overall, I think it's worth watching. I'm not so sure though if it's worth watching in the big screen.

No Strings Attached surprised me. Really. I made a hasty conclusion that this won't top Friends With Benefits but after seeing the whole of it, it actually did. No Strings Attached has more "story" in it, I guess. The characters and the plot were well-developed and the pacing is really good. Not one dragging part. It's as if every scene is essential and there were no fillers at all. I also think that this is more relatable for the audience, in the sense that this has a simpler plot, but ultimately portraying a very "this could happen in real life" scenario in people's lives. Overall, I liked this one better and would've spent some money to see it in the cinema.

After seeing the two films, I can say that both are worth your time. Although they have similarities, their distinctive differences make each of them unique. I say don't just rely on hearsays and reviews as to which is better or which is a copycat of which. Find time to see both!

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