Sunday, October 23, 2011

App Post: Angry Birds (Full Version)

Angry Bird from Rovio is probably one of the most famous games to ever hit the mobile scene. It was first released in 2009 for Apple's iOS devices but developers have also made versions for other touch-screen based smart phones like those with the Android operating system. 

The game's pretty basic, with the main objective as to hit the green pigs with the Angry Birds using a slingshot, but it somehow requires the player's knowledge on projectile motion so as to get higher points. It's really addicting and it's a good way to spend some null time. 

I got the full version from Apple's App Store a couple of weeks ago when I finished all the levels in the trial version. For 0.99$ (roughly 45.00PhP at the time of the purchase), you get to play with six (6) main levels (with a total of 378 sub-levels) plus one bonus level (Golden Eggs) of pure squeaky Angry Birds goodness. 

Below are screen caps taken from my iPhone 4 and you'll see from the photos that I've only finished level 1 but that's only because I don't proceed to another sub-level if I don't acquire scores that'll reward me with three (3) stars! Ha ha! 

Home Page

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Bonus Level

So, there! I know most, if not all, owners of iOS devices and other smartphones already have Angry Birds but I highly encourage everyone who has not yet downloaded the full version to go get it! It's totally worth your 0.99$!

Finished the entire full version? Y'all can get several different themed games of Angry Birds like Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, and the Halloween versions! And you can always hope that T-Mobile brings this to the Philippines! Ha ha!

Angry Birds is available for Apple iOs, Maemo, HP Web OS, Android, Symbian^3, PSP/Playstation 3, MAC OS X, Windows, Web GL, Windows Phone 7 and Google Plus.

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