Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wait For It.

Been a while! I somehow got really lazy and that led to almost a month of no blogging. Bad for my writing, I know, but hey, I have "off-seasons" too, you know. Ha ha. So anyway, I'll be posting quite a number of entries today so y'all better watch out for them. I got some app reviews, a post dedicated solely for the reality talent search that I've been obsessing raving about as of the moment, a post about a musical experience and a post about my mum's birthday celebration which was held last night. Whew, let's just hope I finish all of 'em tonight. 

P.S: I changed my blog's name from "Whut Up" to "BeliZone" since I've outgrown the former expression. BeliZone used to be the name of my now defunct Tumblr and I thought it's kinda appropriate for this site so I might as well use it. 

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