Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slice N Dice: Budget Steaks.

Since me and the cousin got bored out of our wits at home, no thanks to Typhoon Pedring, of course, we decided to head on out to SM City Calamba to grab some Starbucks. Since both of us haven't had lunch yet, we looked for a place where we could get some grub without hurting our wallets. And so we climbed all the way to the third floor and got ourselves some steaks from Slice N' Dice. Budget steaks, that is.

Slice N' Dice is this relatively new establishment which offers "char-grilled" meat for very affordable prices. Think food court prices but in a stall with really good seating and much less of the crowd's noise. Slice N' Dice also offers a few vegetable and seafood dishes.

We both got the T-Bone Steak with Unlimited Rice and two large drinks, all for the price of 320PhP. Talk about "sulit"!

The only problem we have is that the cousin and I have had our share of REAL steaks. I think y'all know what I mean. Ha ha. But I guess since Slice N' Dice is a budget-friendly place, we can't really expect a lot.

Anyway, I again used my Blogger app for this entry so pardon the text alignment (EDIT: I'm already home so I've changed text alignment through my laptop.). And before we go down and grab some coffee, here's a photo of what we had for dinner.

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