Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Never The Right Time To Say Goodbye.

My man Chris Brown said it right. Add to that the infamous "you don't know what you got until it's gone". Nobody could have prepared me for this. After more than a year of being together, it all comes down to this.

Secondary External Hard Drive (pqi 320 GB) which I won from a raffle by an organization in UPLB

It's official, my secondary external hard drive is dead. The last "blow" happened about ten days ago. It suffered from about a foot and a half's drop from my computer table to the floor. It has happened before (numerous times, I dare say) so I though it wouldn't really damage it permanently so I just picked it up and placed it inside my cabinet. Come night time, when I wanted to use it and fish out some movies from my "Unwatched" folder, I grabbed it and hooked it up to my laptop (which by the way, is slowly dying) and waited for it to load. After the blue light blinked, I began hearing a clicking sound emitted from the device. It continued for about ten seconds before I unplugged it. I tried to plug it again but to no avail. The device would just blink, make the clicking sound, but ultimately would not load the content. I asked my cousin to bring it to our family friend's computer repair shop and retail outlet to have it checked. He got my external hard drive back yesterday, along with the news that it's really broken. Worse part is they weren't able to salvage the contents. Things couldn't have been worse than that, really. But, it did.

Sure, I felt terrible that about a hundred movies, three hundred audio albums, and several seasons of series that I watched and have yet to watch have become lost in oblivion, but what made me really sad was the fact that ALL of my works were also saved in that drive. All the photos and videos that I took and processed, all the songs I've done (covers and especially my originals), and most of my write-ups were gone in an instant. I felt robbed. Imagine all those long days and nights working so hard for outputs, gone in a jiffy because the device that supposedly would "save it" literally crashed and died. Oh well, nothing left to do but move on. That, and save up for another external hard drive. Ha ha!

I'm taking this as an opportunity to make new memories and outputs. I'm gonna be building my portfolio again and this time, it'll be better. I'm hoping to get a new external hard drive for my "art works" soon, since the other one that I have (a Western Digital 160GB EHD) is used solely for academic and Church stuff. 

1TB, yes? Let's go.

P.S: It's a good thing I saved my SP files in my primary drive. Had I not, I'm gonna be totally screwed.


  1. omg lastweek mine got damaged too. =( all my files are there. I was advised to go to this computer service center but would spend almost the same price as the new hard drive. it sucks, I know what you feel.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved hard drive. But this 'unfortunate event' paved the way for getting a 1TB hard drive, right? Perhaps, the impact in every drop caused so much damage in your hard drive. Well, you can't really hold on to everything. I bet, by now, you're already enjoying your 1TB. :)

    -Ruby Badcoe