Sunday, October 23, 2011

App Post: Camera+

I own an almost three-year old Nikon D40 and I've somehow outgrown the habit of lugging it around. I still use it for special events but you won't find me carrying it everyday mainly because of the weight it adds to my back pack. 

Thank God for Steve Jobs (RIP) and the rest of Apple Inc for the iPhone 4. It's 5 mega pixel sensor does wonders and it sure saves me the weight from lugging my D40 around. I somehow maximized the capabilities of my iPhone 4's camera over the months that I've owned it and I began to search for an app which would up my iPhone 4's camera feature. A friend of mine introduced me to this certain app which promises photos that looks like it came from a D/SLR and edited with any popular post-processing software available today. 

Say hello to Camera+, dubbed as the "ultimate photo app". I don't think this app is available for free but for a measly 0.99$ (roughly 45.00PhP at the time of the purchase) from the Apple App Store, you can enjoy this app to its fullest. You can take photos using the app itself and edit them right after or you can import previously taken photos and edit them in Camera+

Photo up for editing.
Edit photos using pre-loaded scenes.
Adjust photo orientation.
Crop photo.
Edit photo with preloaded effects.
Edit photos with retro effects.
Edit photos using special effects.
Edit photos using analog effects which can be purchased.
Add simple borders to your photo.
Add stylized borders to your photo.

The screen caps above shows some of the things that you can do with this app. You can also edit your manual settings when taking photos using Camera+. I have yet to try all these features and effects so y'all have to wait for my future posts with contents coming from this app. Ha ha. For now, here are some photos I took and post-processed using Camera+.

Scenic view of Mt. Makiling, UPLB (HDR effect)

Platters from Ristretto (Played with the depth of field)

Coin Purse from Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Toy Camera effect)

Ravioli from Mi Bonitos (Adjusted the color and depth of field)

This entry gives out only about a half of what Camera+ offers. Click here to visit their official website and know more about this app.

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