Sunday, October 23, 2011

App Test: Doodle Jump (Full Version)

If you happen to see me sitting or standing in a corner and rocking my phone sideways and then letting out a "demmit" gasp, don't worry, I'm most probably just messing with this game. Lima Sky's Doodle Jump is one heck of an exciting game, I tell you; although I think I need not tell you guys since statistically, it's one of the most played games on iOS devices and also other phones with the platform required for the game. 

The player navigates the four-legged creature called the Doodler up a series of never-ending platforms without falling or getting killed by aliens or whatever creatures that might come in its way. The more platforms you pass, the higher the score that you'll get! 

I purchased the full version of the game for my iPhone 4 from the Apple App Store for only 0.99$ (roughly 45.00PhP at the time of the purchase) since the free version only allows players to "jump" only up to 12,000 points. This one's definitely a good game for when you're standing in line for some time or when you start to feel bored while waiting for someone or something. Ha ha!

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As of the moment, the full version offers nine (9) different playing platforms. These platforms differ from one another with the background and the creatures that appear on the game. I think one very important feature of Doodle Jump is that there's a very small chance of playing with the same arrangement of platforms to jump to so there's no way that you'll learn or memorize a certain game. 

Doodle Jump is available for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Samsung Mystic, XBox 360 Kinect and Windows 7.

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