Friday, November 11, 2011

Chubby Habbi's Soft Opening.

Our good friend Caio opened his new venture today and I'm really glad that I stayed in LB and waited for its soft opening! Finally! Los Baños, please welcome Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill!

The Chubby Habbi. No, I'm not talking about the sign.
Chalkboard signs are definitely fun to look at.

The shop can sit about twenty people at one time and I actually like the fact that it is not a closed shop because enclosing it in walls would just make it smaller and the heat from the kitchen might become unbearable at one point. Plus, the heat from the environment adds to the Mediterranean ambiance of the place. Ha ha! I also like the colors that they used for the shop's interior. A lot of earth tones which were greatly complimented by the striking blue wall and the warm yellow tones of the artworks and maps on the wall. The aesthetic's very simple and yet it really works.

Hummus (PhP 65.00)

Chicken Kebab with Buttered Rice (PhP 95.00)

Beef Chelo Kebab with Buttered Rice (PhP 115.00)

Chubby Habbi's Hummus was so good, we managed to eat the entire order in less than thirty seconds. No joke. The Hummus' texture and taste was on point and the flat bread is just a treat! It tasted fresh and the burnt parts were the ones I liked best! Ha ha!

I tweeted earlier that there are around three or four stores in Los Baños that offer Mediterranean cuisine and upon tasting Chubby Habbi's kebabs, I came to the conclusion that this is the best-tasting kebab in town. Sure, you can't really mess up a grilled meat in its entirety, but the magic of Chubby Habbi's kebab is it's juice. Yes, among the kebabs I've tasted in LB, this is the only one that is not dry. Seriously. The natural juice adds another dimension to the perfectly seasoned meat. The meat is so good, you can order more rice because a little piece of meat could go a long way, or in this case, can accommodate more spoonfuls of buttered rice! The yogurt sauce is another story. It looks so unassuming but it packs a lot of flavor and takes your eating experience to another level! The combination of the meat, rice and sauce is just magic in the mouth!

I'm looking forward to the items that'll be added in Chubby Habbi's menu in the coming days and rest-assured, I'll be blogging about them here. 

Writing this entry and looking at the pictures made me crave for Chubby Habbi's Hummus! Damn.

Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill is located in Sandrose Place, Ruby St., Umali Subdivision. The newly-built building is a little walk after White House Apartments and is beside Crayon Box.

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  1. So this is just beside Moonleaf? I think I'll go there this week and hit two birds with one stone. Great. :)

    Thanks for blogging about LB places. I've away for 7+ years and it's been somewhat disorienting. And, we've met BTW, haha Val introduced us at Ristretto a few weeks ago. :P

  2. Yeah! I reckon! Ha ha! You're Aly's sister, right? She's my church mate in BLD. I spent a good hour or so back-reading your entries last night! There aren't many bloggers from LB, no? It's good na medyo dumadami na tayo.

  3. Haha you know my sister pala. :P I started blogging actively August lang din. Mostly about food at first haha and it's a bit sad puro Metro Manila based sila. I don't know where to go here in LB! Susundan ko na lang recommendations mo hehehe.