Friday, November 11, 2011

Moonleaf Tea Shop's Soft Opening In LB.

Moonleaf Tea Shop's first-ever provincial branch opened its doors to the residents of Los Baños and nearby towns at exactly 11:00AM this morning. This branch is actually one of the three new branches of Moonleaf Tea Shop that simultaneously opened today. 

Arrived around three minutes past 11:00AM and all but one table was left unoccupied! I got in line and after five minutes, I was happily sipping my first drink from Moonleaf Tea Shop Los Baños. Imagine, we used to only have this whenever we go to the Metro, and now, LB's got its share of milk tea royalty. Here are some photos I took from Moonleaf Tea Shop's soft opening! Click on the images for high-res views!

Left the shop after about an hour to fix stuff and went back at around 4:00PM with Bryan, Mirmo and Gela. And yes, all tables were still occupied (different customers, of course) and the line was still long! 

Bryan, Mirmo and Gela.

The line.

They have 2 freedom cork boards!

Can you spot the note I left?


This quaint, little shop indeed has a lot of promise. Here's to hoping that the quality of drinks that they serve won't dwindle and let's all hope that they expand their store! The store's inside can barely sit 15 people, although seats and tables are located just outside the shop so I guess that'll be good for now. Second floor, perhaps? Ha ha!

Don't worry about spending too much money here since Moonleaf's drinks are usually priced from PhP 45.00 to PhP 75.00 only. Add-ons are available and are priced from PhP 10.00 - PhP 15.00, meaning any drink plus any add-on will still be under a hundred pesos! Sure fits a student's budget!

Be sure to drop by Moonleaf Tea Shop and experience a different brew! Congratulations to Moonleaf Tea Shop Los Baños for a great start!

Moonleaf Tea Shop is located in Sandrose Place, Ruby St., Umali Subdivision, Los Baños, Laguna.

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  1. I have yet to try Moonleaf. :) I love Serenitea but the drinks are so expensive, I am thrilled to the core that Moonleaf drinks are so cheap pala! (And yummy, from all the comments I've heard.)

    Nice photos, BTW.:)

    Alikoy {}

  2. Hi, Allison! Thanks for dropping by! I also am a fan of Serenitea and I actually had Serenites first before Moonleaf. Indeed, Moonleaf brings tea goodness to all since their products are really affordable! Hit me up when you've tried Moonleaf!

    God bless!