Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Simple Orders And Free Coffee (and Toffee).

My good friend and fellow blogger Mino of MINOrity posted this entry which talked about getting a simple Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks Coffee (Simple, right? NOT) instead of getting the more complicated ones. It got me thinking of my first-ever Starbucks experience which led me to texting my mum.

Me: My, when and where did we first have Starbucks nga po? It's in this building in Ayala, if I remember correctly.

Mum: 2000? Sa 6750 Building in Ayala. First store ata nila 'yon.

Yes. I had my first taste of Starbucks Coffee around eleven years ago. God knows what I ordered that time, but as far as I can remember, my most favorite drink from Starbucks while growing up is their Caramel Macchiato; be it iced or piping hot. It's funny how my mum and I have been patrons of the shop for over a decade now. Ha ha. Oh and if you're wondering, her favorite drink up until now is a Grande Cappuccino with a shot of Hazelnut syrup. 

And because of the sudden trip down memory lane, I decided to get a mug of hot Caramel Macchiato earlier while reading my newly-purchased book. And yes, I encourage everyone who'll order hot "for here" drinks to request for a mug. A pile of paper cups is still trash, y'know. You can also ask the baristas to put your "to-go" orders of hot or cold coffee in your own tumblers (even the ones not from Starbucks).

Caramel Macchiato (PhP 140.00)

 I admit I might've outgrown this drink but it's always a welcome alternative to my now default Green Tea Latte. Ha ha.

Mini Toffee Nut Frappuccino and Bite-sized Toffee Nut Loaf

I was lucky enough that they gave away samplers of their Christmas offerings during my visit earlier. The baristas were handing out these mini cups of Toffee Nut Frappuccino and a bite-sized piece of Toffee Nut Loaf for the customers to taste. I was surprised that the loaf was actually good. Now I wonder why I haven't tried ordering it. Maybe tomorrow? Ha ha.

Anyway, enough of Starbucks talk. For now. 


  1. Hahaha! So that's where the 'Simple' went out! Haha!

    I might try out hot drinks some other time. It's really hot in our country eh. :))

    Regards to Tita Lou! Please tell her Portia and I miss her so much already! :D

  2. Ha ha! Will do! Will text you guys if maghahanda kami sa Fiesta (December 8). Punta kayo if ever! :)