Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Youth Encounter Mulanay.

I was blessed to be called as one of the facilitators for the Youth Encounter in Mulanay, Quezon just this past weekend. This was my fourth time to go on a mission, but only my second time as a certified facilitator. Here are some photos from the past weekend.

Welcome to the Family

No folding beds this time. I was excited to sleep on one pa man din.

Graduates of Youth Encounter Mulanay (November 2011)

Team Mulanay aka Team Someone Like You

Mum asked me if I don't get tired of doing out of town trips (i.e Mulanay is a good 5-6 hour drive from Los Baños) as a faci, and the answer's quite simple, really. Physically, yes, it's quite tiring especially since we often have little to no time for preparations because of school and other responsibilities, but being included in a mission team is really a worthwhile experience. I get to serve God in another way; I get to somehow share my knowledge with other kids, and I get to do this with some of the best people I know. Being on a mission is fulfilling and charges me Spiritually. Being on a mission makes me learn more about God, about others, and of course, about my self.

Youth Encounter # 1 San Pablo South District is coming up! Let's do this, BLD Youth!

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