Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

The first Apple product aka iGadget I owned was the first generation 512MB iPod Shuffle. Twas quickly replaced by the first generation 2GB iPod Nano which unfortunately got pick-pocketed while I was walking around the grounds of the UPLB Feb Fair. I waited for a bit before I got hold of a new iPod and after two months worth of allowance plus the money I earned from cleaning gardens and washing our car, I finally got hold of a 160GB iPod Classic in Black. Me and the iPod Classic spent a good three years together until it finally gave up on me. I was devastated because that's 160GB worth of my artistic life, but the thought of me getting an updated or more advance iPod helped me move on and start saving up for it. I got my fourth iGadget, a fourth generation 32GB iPod Touch, March of this year and I instantly fell in love with the iOS. It's simple yet very functional. It's a no-fuss thing, really. I fell in love with the iOS so much that after around three months, I decided to sell my iPod Touch and get an iPhone 4. And I lived happily ever after. Lol. 

Steve Job's passing was a momentous event and I think I need not write about it here. As an Apple device user, I deem it necessary to pay my respect to the man who has helped sculpt today's technology. And so, I purchased my sixth "iGadget", the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

I'm gonna start reading it this afternoon after I finish my paper for a subject (which is actually due next week, but I'm quite pumped up to do it now). Luckily, I got one of the only two copies in National Bookstore (SM City Calamba branch) for PhP 1275.00.

Yes, I sacrificed a week's worth of stickers for this. Lol.


  1. so inspiring, makikita mo kung paano sya naging rebel at successfull hehe.

  2. that was YOU in starbucks! I was discreetly staring at your book while in line hahaha

  3. Ha ha! Yes! I had to refrain myself from smiling and snickering while reading. Nakaka elibs lang talaga yung libro; the way it was written and the content itself.