Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time Is Yellow Gold.

LOL at the title. SM Department Store is like a wasteland of wonderful things, really. 

Got this yellow watch from SM Accessories just yesterday and I'm excited to use it since I wear black a lot (understatement) so this yellow thing on my wrist can somehow add color to my everyday self. It's made of rubber and it's color reminds me of a yellow LEGO brick; even the strap's design reminds me of LEGO! And, and, aaand, it tells time, too! LOL

Y'wanna know the best part about this thing? Its price! Got this for only PhP 299.00! It's available in a lot of other colors, too, so there's practically a watch for everybody. 

I can't get over my silly title. Damn, I gotta sleep.

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