Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top Five | Blogs

A couple of days ago, I saw a random question posted in my Formspring asking what website/s do I frequent. Aside from the usual social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and of course, this blog), I visit a lot of blogs. I started wondering about my "favorite" site and I just can't pinpoint one so I made a list of the top five blogs/sites I spend time on. In no particular order. LOL

The Fat Kid Inside 
 The Fat Kid Inside (Erwan Heussaff) | This blog is pure inspiration for me. I'm simply amazed at Erwan's battle to lose weight and I find it very inspirational. His entries, which tackle mostly travel, food, and health and fitness, are very interesting and are very well-written. I like the idea of him sharing healthy recipes and even posting videos of how he makes them. Sure is a fun way of learning something new and healthy, not just for the tummy, but for your whole body! Click here to follow Erwan on Twitter!


Unbox | I think it's safe to say that I have a love-hate relationship with gadgets. Love, because new gadgets and advancements in technology excite me and make me giddy; hate, because almost always, those gadgets that I lust for like are way too expensive or unpractical to get. One of the two tech blogs I follow is Unbox. Despite the plethora of tech blogs around, I somehow developed an inkling to this site since it offers complete and up to date information about gadgets and what nots. It also has a very smooth and easy-on-the-eye layout which makes reading for hours not tiring at all.


DG MNL (David Guison) | I came across his blog just last September when my cousin and I were looking at photos from a 21 Men event. We both got hooked and read all his posts and bookmarked his site lol. I don't think I even have to write good things about him and his blog since there are a lot already. But yeah, he's trendy and he's confident (I guess) since he has this I-don't-care-what-you-think thing going on. Y'all got to check out his photos, too. I think some are submissions for his classes, some are photos of random family events and other stuff, some are photos from events. All are good, I tell ya. Click here to follow him on Twitter.

YugaTech Philippines

YugaTech Philippines (Abe Olandres) | Among the five blogs featured here, I believe this is the one which I've been following the longest. I've been a fan of this blog eversince it started. I think this is the first Pinoy tech blog I came across with and I've been checking it every two days since then. I believe this has one of the most comprehensive write-ups about gadgets and again, I like the site's simplicity. I really look forward to the reviews and unboxing of new items on the site. The site offers give-aways and other promos, too! Follow Sir Abe on his Twitter here.

Ang Balintataw ni Juan

Ang Balintataw ni Juan (Alexis Lim) | I came across this one when I was looking at photos of LEGO a couple of months ago. Explored his page and slowly became a fan. I like his photography a lot since it gives a raw feel to most of his works. I think I might've made a few of his photos as my laptop's background for some inspiration. I shelved my camera quite a while back and seeing his works made me grab that heavy thing and pushed me to start shooting again. I guess seeing his work made me want to learn how to get the same effects and it made me start studying and experimenting with photography again. Click here to follow Alexis on Twitter.

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So, there. Top five blogs/sites. How about you, guys? What are your top five sites? Do tell!

I kinda enjoyed doing this top five stuff. Any ideas what to feature on my next top five post? Hit me up!

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  1. Great list and thank you for sharing:)

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