Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Touch Screen Woes.

Apple iPhone 4 featuring my "Happy Songs" playlist. LOL

No, this ain't a rant about the Apple iPhone 4. I haven't found a single thing to complain about it and I've loved every moment of using it ever since I got it four months ago. A few minutes after its purchase, I got it a matte screen protector and it's precious glass screen has been clothed ever since.

Until it started to have air spaces aka bubbles on several places. I'm not normally OC but earlier today, I saw that there were a lot of air spaces already and I tried to get rid of them by slowly lifting the screen protector and gently placing it back by letting it go down with the support of a finger. Yes, I imagined I was mounting a fresh cut sample on a slide with Canada balsam. But this technique I learned from years of mounting slides evidently did not work on a plastic screen protector and a glass screen; it actually did more harm 'cause a number of air spaces became visible. I got a little pissed and I decided to remove the screen protector altogether.

My iPhone feels so bare now. In a weird way, I feel like I'm molesting it. And I don't like that. Ha ha. I'll be getting a set of new protectors tomorrow and hopefully, I can find something that's again in matte because I'm not really fond of those "crystal" screen protectors. Oh, and I hope I can find one that's not too expensive.

The photo above shows the iPhone 4 with the matte screen protector. See the little "off" part on the mid-left hand side of the screen? That's the little devil which started the air space infestation.


  1. chasing pavements isn't a 'happy song'! hehehe :p

  2. Ha ha! I feel depressed in a good way (WTF) when I listen to it, thus the inclusion in my Happy Songs playlist. Ha ha!