Sunday, December 4, 2011

Without Verve, Lives Are Lies | The Aftermath

Photo by Deeman of Franz Dimaano Photography

Almost twenty four hours after seeing Verve 3: Behind L.I.E.S (Living In Every Step) and I am still in awe. I don't think the UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co. did a good job. They did a (insert cuss here) great job! Every aspect of the show was remarkable; the set design, the costumes, the light design, but most importantly, the choreography, which never fails to blow me away! And no, I'm not being biased here. Ha ha!

The concept of the show was very well thought of and the production just took the telling-a-story-through-dance thing to a whole new level. Not one set was just a filler. Every set sat on its own league. Words are not enough to describe what happened on the stage last night. It won't be fair because the production is too good for just words and the people who saw it last night would most definitely agree. For those who weren't able to see it, no bull, but you kind of missed something special last night. But don't fret, I'm pretty sure videos will spur out in a few days' time. But I can't stress enough that it'd have been better if you saw it live!

It sucks because I didn't get to dance on stage with my family but sitting in the audience and seeing these kids (and my co-adults lol) made me so proud that I belong to one of the hardest-working group of people that I know. It's amazing to witness how much the group and its members have evolved not only as dancers, but as kick-ass performers and as individuals. Last night's show inspired me more to finish all my responsibilities so that I'd be able to train and dance again. 

To God, thank You for lending us Your gift of dancing. Thank You for all the blessings that You have showered the group ever since it started. No amount of grateful words would ever be enough to express our thanksgiving but one thing's for sure, we'll be lifting up to You our every move and every performance.

To Ma'am Luna, thank you for instilling values to the group. Thank you for being our second mother and the group's number one fan. Thank you for molding the group and for never giving up on the Clan. We love you, Ma'am!

To the Creative Team, freakin' good job! Y'all are the heart of show! Keep on sharing your blessings and here's to more inspirational pieces!

To the production team, director Sir Joey Vargas, assistant director Kuya Pong, head stage manager Sarina Sasaki, SMs DomaAbigael, Sam and Angela, and to all those who gave their time and resources for the production, thank you! It is true that without Verve, lives are lies, but without all of you, there wouldn't be Verve! Ha ha!

To the guests Court 8, UP Manila Indayog Dance Varsity, Kinection, San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe and United 101, thank you for gracing UPLB with your amazing performances! 

To the Urban Elite, the alumni dance arm of the Clan, thank you for your never-ending support! T'was nice seeing all of you again! Walang kupas!

And of course, to everyone who prayed for the show and to those who came to see it and those who supported the UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co. in their own ways, a big THANK YOU! Dancers and performers get inspired by their audience, so thank you because you're always bringing the group's game up!

Verve 3: Behind L.I.E.S (Living In Every Step) might have ended, but surely, the legacy of Verve and UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co. will surely live on. And I guess it's safe to say that this is one dance concert that'll be talked about for a long time.

One Group. One Groove. One Passion.

UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co.

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