Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally. Childhood.

People who know me and my family know that we are not really big fans of the boob tube TV. We do have four TV sets in our house but they were never bigger than the now minute 21" because we never saw the TV as a gooooood investment. After all, it is still just a TV. Blame it on our penchant for reading books, playing board games and going out. Add to that the fact that almost all of us have laptops already, and we all know that almost everything shown on the TV nowadays is available on the internet, right? No commercials, too, so that's a tad better. I think. So anyway, imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I got a text from my mum saying that they're in SM City Calamba buying a new TV. I wasn't expecting that but then again, my mum has been working at home since last year and I guess she wants to build a stronger relationship with the TV. And so she got this:

Taken with Apple iPhone 4, edited and originally uploaded via Instagram.

I'm currently sitting on the couch watching a rerun of the MIA-NETS game on the new TV while typing this and this my friends, is what all Sundays ought to be. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I know my family will. 

P.S: Plans of getting an XBOX (with Kinect!) and a PS3 are well on their way and me and RJ are hella excited for 'em. Finally. Childhood. Ha ha! 

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