Friday, January 13, 2012

Pandas. More Fun In The Philippines With Punchdrunk Panda!

Been a long time! Got caught up with a lot of school work plus training this past week so I didn't get any chance to post something in here. I ordered a camera strap from Punchdrunk Panda last Thursday and it was delivered to my house just this last Tuesday. I've been eyeing this specific camera strap design ever since they launched this series and I honestly do not know what made me wait so long just to get it. 

Late Christmas gift to myself. LOL

Punchdrink Panda Camera Strap

"Imaginatiooooon" by Rob Cham (PhP 595.00 excluding shipping fee)

Ain't it neat? Definitely makes lugging your camera more fun because of the fun and vibrant design. I'll post a picture of me using it with my Nikon D40 when I get the chance (prolly this weekend) so y'all can see it "in action". Visit Punchdrunk Panda's website to see the other designs of their camera straps as well as their other offerings! I'm pretty sure there's something there for everyone! Punchdrunk Panda's kinda like a mecca of all fun and quirky stuff! PLUS, all of 'em are Filipino-made!

Definitely, Pandas are more fun in the Philippines with Punchdrunk Panda!