Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayers For Elbi.

I've been living in Los Baños my whole life and I believe it's one of the safest and peaceful places that anyone can live in. The people are friendly and though there isn't a sense of tight security, you still get the feeling that nothing bad can ever happen to you here. Well, that was then. Gone are the days when anyone, especially UPLB students, can walk the streets without anything bad happening to them.

October 2011: Given Grace Cebanico
February 2012: Rochelle Geronda and Ray Bernard Peñaranda

Given Grace and Rochelle were both rape-slay victims while Ray was stabbed in his chest after he was robbed. 

Let us all take a moment to pray for the eternal repose of their souls. May they find peace in God's loving arms. Let us also pray for their families and friends. And in a very special way, let us pray for Los Baños; for its citizens, for its safety, for its governance. 

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