Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Justice Must Be Served: Given Grace, Rochel and Ray

I've been vocal about the situation our community's been handling these past few days and most of the time, the things I've said have been brought about my surged up angst towards our city's lack of proper governance which undeniably contributed to the recent incidents. It was just earlier today that I felt weak and I truly felt sorry for what has been happening around. See, Ray Peñaranda, who was stabbed to his death on the wee hours of lat Sunday, is actually my classmate in one of my courses this semester. I also often see him with his orgmates whenever both our organizations come as sponsors to events. I remember him most because I saw him quite a few number of times hearing Mass in St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish. Same thing with Rochel Geronda, the high school student who was raped and murdered. I literally saw her grow up. She's one of the sampaguita kids who're always in Vega or in St. Therese and we've been buying sampaguita leis from her and her two other friends since we were just in high school. I may not know Given Grace Cebanicopersonally and I may not be as close to Ray and Rochel as the other people, but I feel really terrible and sorry for what had happened to them. Good kids whose lives were taken by men who for a moment forgot about goodness and love. 

I can only pray for the victims' souls and for their families. I can only pray for those responsible for these crimes to man up and take full responsibility of what they had done. I can only pray for the safety of everyone. I can only pray that now, more than ever, we remember that love and goodness remain in our hearts. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims. 

I leave you guys with a video my good friend Matt made. These are footages from the Indignation Rally that was held yesterday.

May justice be served for Given Grace, Rochel and Ray.

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