Monday, July 30, 2012

Los Baños Idol 2012 Auditions.

Ever since I got eliminated from The X Factor Philippines, I've been blessed with a number of opportunities which gave me the chance to showcase my, uhm, singing ability, if you may. Ha ha. I had the chance to perform in The Indie Culture's INDIE OVERDRIVE 2 ("Sure Thing" and "Ulit-ulitan"), several private events, and in the UPLB CAS Freshman Night 2012 ("I'm Going Down" and "Use Somebody"). And recently, like last Saturday recently, I got the chance to perform in Robinsons Town Mall Los Baños when I auditioned for Los Baños Idol, a singing contest which is one of the activities for the upcoming Bañamos Festival.

My stint on The X Factor Philippines fueled my desire to make it as a singer and I knew then that it won't be easy. I also knew then that for me to get "noticed" and get someone interested to "manage" me, I have to get myself out there. More exposure, the better. A number of people actually discouraged me from trying out for LB Idol, for the sole reason that it is not a "big" contest. But every time they tell me off, I'd always say that for me, there are no big or small opportunities; what we make of the opportunities given to us make it big or small. So yeah. I registered a week before the auditions and I was set to perform a ballad for the screening. A few days before the event, a good friend of mine reminded me that I should place my style out there. That I shouldn't conform to the traditional "biritero" singers in singing contests. That's why I changed my piece and chose a song that can showcase my style but still have highlights for my voice. 

I arrived late for the auditions which resulted to me waiting for around four hours before going on stage. No big though, since I enjoyed watching the other aspirants. It's amazing how many talented singers Elbi has! When it was my turn, I didn't feel any jitters at all. One thing's for sure, I think I'm growing more and more comfortable on stage. I sang my piece and got very good reaction from the audience, and a very good comment from one of the judges. They'll be picking 50 singers which they'll put through to the next round. As of the moment, there's still no announcement so I'm still praying that what I did last Saturday is enough for me to get one of the 50 spots. I'll be posting updates over at CHRIS BELISON so y'all better check that page out and like it and share it if it ain't asking too much! :)

For now, I leave you with the video of my performance last Saturday! 

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