Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Peninsula - Manila's SING@NING Samsung Galaxy Tab Giveaway Winner.

As I've mentioned in my previous post about the Grand Finals of The Peninsula - Manila's SING@NING Search for the Ultimate Voice, Samsung gave out Samsung Galaxy Tabs to the Top 7 contestants and boy were we (other contestants who were part of the Top 20) jealous! Ha ha! Never did it cross my mind that I'd be going home the next day with my own tablet! How, you ask? Well, The Peninsula - Manila's Facebook page held a "liking" contest which was kinda like a "guessing game". The "liker" should "like" the link of the video of whoever he/she thought would win the SING@NING Search for the Ultimate Voice. Being the good friend and room mate (HA HA), I liked all three videos! Besides, I really can't choose among the three because they're all really talented and all of them deserve to win! So yeah, I remember I was still in the shower when Sir Joseph Arias phoned our room. I was intrigued about the call and I scanned my memory of the things me and my room mates did in our room. Baka kasi sobrang ingay namin kaya gusto ako kausapin para pagalitan. Ha ha! I returned his called right after fixing up and he told me that I was the "lucky one" who got chosen as the winner of the contest. I was dumbfounded at first because I've totally forgotten about the contest, but then I remembered it and man, was I ecstatic about the prize! Sir Joseph told me to meet him for lunch and then meet The Peninsula - Manila's Director of Marketing, Ma'am Cristina Cruz. I was really giddy after the phone call and was jumping around in 420! Ha ha! 

Receiving the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 from Ma'am Cristina Cruz (The Peninsula - Manila's Director of Marketing)

I didn't have the chance to use the tablet once I returned to 420 because the boys wanted to go swimming and make the most out of the remaining hours of our stay at The Peninsula - Manila. Upon my arrival at home that night, I immediately tinkered with my new toy! Here it is! My very first Android device! Ha ha!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 16GB WiFi (GT-P7310)

I never knew it could be so sexy! Ha ha!

Sexy back, eh? 

All the basics, covered.

Surprisingly excellent stock earphones! 

Some features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab  8.9 (GT-P7310)

  • 8.9" WXGA (1280 x 800) TFT
  • 3MP AF Camera + 2MP VT
  • Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor
  • HD Recording & Playback
  • 6100mAh Battery
  • Android Technology
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 3.0

My very first Android device and being the iOS and everything Mac addict that I am, kinain niya 'ko when I used it for the first time! Ha ha! I'm getting used to it, though, and I'm really liking how it's soooooo customizable. I haven't changed/upgraded my software or ROM (because I'm scared LOL) but I'm having so much fun using the tablet. It's got everything a social media junkie like me needs! Here are some screenshots of my homescreens!

Easy access to everything! I put the apps I frequently use on the first homescreen.

Second homescreen features apps and widgets for the world wide web! 

Third homepage features all my social media needs. Plus memos and e-book readers!

The fourth homescreen serves as my very own "music studio"! My favorite homescreen! :)

The last homescreen houses the games. I've downloaded a lot more after this screen cap was taken! Ha ha!

I have yet to learn more about Android devices! I've been meaning to get a tablet for the longest time to use for gigs and music sheets and fine, academics, so this was a very pleasant surprise! I want to thank The Peninsula - Manila, especially Sir Joseph Arias and Ma'am Cristina Cruz, and of course, Samsung Philippines/Samsung Mobile Philippines,  for this wonderful, very early Christmas gift! Definitely a worthy addition to my weapons for social media! I promise I'll put it to good use! Ha ha!

I've never won in online contests up until now so I guess they're real! Ha ha! Don't forget to visit the official site of The Peninsula - Manila and also view and LIKE their Facebook page for more information about reservations, events, promos and exciting contests and giveaways! Y'all can also follow them on their official Twitter account

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