Friday, January 25, 2013

Killing Time.

Killing time. 

That's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm in the University's Main Library, tucked away in a chair facing the window overlooking the staircase and I'm typing away because, uhm, I don't know. Fine, I'm bored and I've got around an hour and half til my next class, so forgive for this humdrum post. I've been going to the Lib regularly ever since the semester started and it has somehow grown on me. It's actually relaxing here, well, at least during times when there are not too many students who can't stop retelling and singing songs from Pitch Perfect. Ha ha! I like the movie, but please, people go to the library for academic reasons. Sheesh, I sound extremely old. Like, librarian level old. Anyway, they just turned on the airconditioning unit now so it's starting to get cold here. How random this post, no? Ha ha. 

In a more exciting part of my life, the BLD Youth Ministry will have its Youth Encounter #2 starting tonight and I'm really excited to serve! I'm not gonna be facilitating but it'll be fun working as an auxi. I'm excited for the participants because the weekend's gonna be filled with exciting talks and activities! On that note, I believe I still haven't packed my things so yeah, I'm gonna have to cram that later after my classes. Wait, I think I have to do a checklist of things to bring. Plus, I'm getting bored with typing, so yeah. 

Thanks for wasting your time reading this entry! :)

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