Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mi Bonitos Lunch With Magulo Friends. LOL

Please don't mind the title, especially the "Magulo Friends". No chance I'll elaborate on that here. Ha ha!

We decided to grab lunch in Mi Bonitos earlier today. See, Mi Bonitos has been around since 2004 and I (together with my family) have been coming back ever since. This has always been on my top 3 go-to places in Los Baños and you can take my word for it, the prices of their offerings are really worth it. Really getting the bang for the buck, if I may say so. 

Pardon the photos since I was too lazy too lugg around my camera. These were taken with Ning's and my iPhone 4.

The Menu


Buffalo Wings

Ning and Bryan

Aisa and Ten-ten
"Hey, what's up? This is Chris." LOL

Blueberry Pancake ala Mode

Banana Split

Nothing bad can really be said about Mi Bonitos' food, really. Even the place is really good. I believe having the entire place enclosed and "air-conditioned" gives the customers a more comfortable venue for enjoying their food and their company. Oh, and they also have free WiFi! 

Do check out Mi Bonitos' Facebook page for more information and y'all can follow them on this Twitter handle.

Mi Bonitos Restaurant
Oregano St. cor Lopez Avenue, Demarses Subdivision
4030 Los Baños, Laguna
Operating Hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM Monday to Sunday

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