Thursday, December 22, 2011

LAMBingan Friday At Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill.

Because of time and financial constraints, I was not able to visit Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill ever since I made my first visit during its soft opening. Fortunately, I was able to visit last Friday when UPLB's Christmas vacation kicked in. Another "fortunately", their Lamb Kebab (which has been getting a lot of raves on Facebook and Twitter) was available that day.

It's great to see how much their menu has "grown"! Lots of offerings now!

Got fascinated with little Christmas trees set on each table.

Hummus, Pita and Iced Tea while waiting for the Lamb.

100g Lamb Kebab 

Chubby Habbi's only offers Lamb Kebabs on Fridays, 12 noon onwards, until supplies lasts. They usually serve lamb which weigh 150g above. The piece I got was the smallest from their fresh supply. Not a big deal since it was priced lower and because the order of hummus and pita already had me filled. This was only my second time to eat lamb. The first time was in a grill in Baguio where I had a lamb burger which tasted kinda like the regular beef/pork burger. I was really excited to try the lamb kebab since this'd be the first time that I'd actually taste lamb, with only salt and pepper added before it was grilled.

The verdict? It was more than I expected. I had it cooked "well-done" but it maintained the juiciness! The meat's a little sweeter than beef and it's texture ain't gamey at all. What I liked most about it is its fat. Oh no, I know. Its fat's texture greatly differs from beef and pork. It was more like a piece of tendon, actually. I believe the good ratio of meat to fat of the lamb actually helped in maintaining the moisture content of the meat. The grilled lamb smothered in Chubby Habbi's garlic sauce brings it totally to a new level! An order of their butter rice is definitely not enough!

Chubby Habbi's Lamb Kebab is a bit pricey but for a piece of fresh lamb cooked to perfection, served with buttered rice, grilled vegetables and garlic sauce, I'm sure you'll be more than willing to splurge on this, especially since it's only available during Fridays.

Do check out Chubby Habbi's Mediteranean Grill on Facebook and check out the Chubby Habbi himself, Caio Cadiz, in this Twitter handle.

Chubby Habbi's Mediterranean Grill
Lot 9 Ruby Street, Los Baños Subdivision, Batong Malake
4030 Los Baños, Laguna
Operating Hours: 11:00AM - 9:30PM Monday to Saturday

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  1. sorry for that flimsy little lamb you got, we don't usually serve that to "strangers"! but in your case, we'll make an exception! thanks for dropping by!