Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coloud's "The Pop" In-Ear Headphones

Happy Holidays! It's been more than a month since I've updated this thing and I hope I still have readers even after a month-long (short LOL) hiatus. I was blessed to have been invited to perform in several events during the past month and that plus school took so much of my time. Anyway, those nice-paying gigs (LOL again) have helped me in copping some really nice stuff this holiday season. I was able to treat my family, some of my friends, and even get myself a condenser microphone for my  home recordings! But probably one of the best item I got for myself is a new pair of headphones from Coloud

"The POP" by Coloud

See, I've been earphone-less for a loooong week now (YES, THAT'S LONG) and I've finally found a more than worthy replacement for my now retired Apple earphones. I've read a lot about this specific pair of in-ears from different tech blogs so I decided to finally get myself a pair. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Coloud's "The POP" in-ear headphones.

The POP in White/Red with the documentation, a sticker, and extra earbuds of different sizes.

I refuse to be too technical with this blog post so let me just tell you this, this pair is probably the best pair of in-ears I've ever had. Aside from the amazing sound quality, here are a few more things that I love about The Pop.

The Pop in White and Red
The Pop, like the other Coloud headphones The Knock and The Boom, also has flat cables which are virtually tangle-proof. The rubber material used doesn't feel and look cheap. The Pop comes in a plethora of colors, so there's definitely a Pop for everyone!

The Pop with Zound Lasso
If you still doubt the flat cable's promise of no tangling of wire while the headphones are in your pocket or bag, then you'll definitely love the (patent pending) Zound Lasso. It's cleverly designed to, well, lasso your cable and securely lock it just by inserting the end of the jack to the special hole found on the  cable. Neat, eh?

The Pop's Microphone and Remote

Of course, since The Pop's probably designed to suit several gadgets, it was very generous of Coloud to build it with a microphone and remote. The microphone's really clear and the you can use the single button of the remote for several things. One click is for the music to PLAY/STOP, two clicks make makes the music player play the next track, and three clicks makes the music player play the previous one

Overall, I'm very glad I got my own pair of Coloud's The Pop in-ear headphones. It looks great, sounds amazing, and comes in a very nice price, too. Coloud's The Pop retails for just PhP 950.00. Yup! Under a thousand pesos but it's performance can rival or even beat several wallet-depressing in-ears that are out in the market today! You can check out Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Power Mac, Astrovision and other major stores nationwide for Coloud products.

Visit Coloud's official website and their Facebook page or Twitter account for more information.

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