Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Nope, I did not misspell giggles. 

It's kinda frustrating to face the reality that I'll have no gigs slash rakets up until March. I made the decision to not accept invites from January to March (except my primary school best bud's wedding on February) so I could really focus on my last few months in the University. I'm excited to graduate and the days are rolling by so fast and yet a bunch of academic stuff still have to be done before I can finally  finish my degree and walk in the graduation grounds with a sablay on. T'was tough saying no to some invites especially this one big thing which could've given me decent exposure on the telly again. Anyway, I believe na pinapagraduate na muna talaga ako ni Lord and that He'll give me more time for my craft after I give my mum my college diploma. 

I had no intentions to blog tonight (this morning, really) but because my body clock's still on holiday mode, I tried to update this thing to make me even just a tad sleepy. To no avail, apparently. Thank God I only have a 7am-10am class later. Hello, Cell Biology. I missed you.

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