Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sound Check.

After months of lusting thinking of getting a condenser microphone, I finally emptied out my wallet and got myself a SAMSON C01U. It's one of those USB microphones and it's pretty cheap but it's been getting a lot of great reviews since 2009! Yup. the mic's been around for almost four years and yet it is still touted as one of the best USB microphones out there today. I initially wanted to get an XLR type of mic but then it'd mean that I'd have to get a pre-amp/mixer as well and that it'd take more time of studying and tinkering with it and I don't have the luxury of time especially in the coming months since I'm finally graduating from the University and y'all know how busy graduating students are. Or not. Turns out even USB mics need an ample amount of time, too. Sound quality's really good and it even captures the sounds from 25 feet away. Eavesdropping at its finest. Anyway, I'm still "breaking in" to it plus I've been studying and practicing mixing and mastering for over a week now and so far, so good. I think. Ha ha. I'll be uploading a new cover hopefully next week so y'all better check out my YouTube channel for that.

As much as I'm lovin' the SAMSON C01U, I know I have to upgrade to an XLR mic soon and soundproof my room if I really want to get serious with this music-making stuff. And dead serious I am, so alam na kung saan mapupunta ang ipon and TF. Ha ha! Leaving y'all with a sexy photo of my mic. Should I give it a name?

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  1. Hi! Wala kasi akong idea about sa mga microphones na tulad neto eh i really wanna have one. Gusto ko din magrecording ekek eh. haha. Anong marerecommend mo sakin? Tsaka para alam ko kung anong klaseng pagtitipid ang gagawin ko para makabili. haha! super thanks! ^_^ God bless.